The range of currently available wines consists of: :

Natural passito D.O.C. LUNANTES. A young wine with fresh qualities that still finds a middle ground between the complexities of a long finish/aging and the freshness of younger wines.

Vintages currently available: 2016.

Pantelleria white wine D.O.C.  STILLAE SOLIS. A wine created from the vinification of our land’s Zibibbo grapes DOC, a wine that wants to show off all the character of the Zibibbo, expressing aromatic notes while still maintaining a freshness at its base that gives it a pleasant taste.

Vintages currently available: 2017.

Also in preparation from the winery’s 2016 harvest :

Sparkling wine – Champenoise method – made of 100% Zibibbo, created from a careful selection of Zibibbo grapes grown on land 600 meters above sea level on the slopes of the island’s Big Mountain, Pantelleria’s tallest peak, this sparkling wine promises an enjoyable aroma and essential freshness.